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Board Information

The AAW charter requires one regular Board of Directors meeting per month. Board meetings are held the second Monday of each month 6:30 pm. Board Meetings may also be called when the needs of the school require immediate action or for work sessions to study specific issues. All meetings are posted on the front window of the school.

Mr. Jeffrey Cutter presents the strategic planning committee a plaque of appreciation.

Ms. Julianne Cuneo, Chair

Julianne Cuneo is a licensed private investigator and owner of Sunshine Investigations, a small business she founded in 1988.

Ms. Cuneo earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Wayne State University. She began her career as an investigative reporter for the Dearborn Press & Guide, then joined the Detroit law firm of Goodman, Eden, Millender & Bedrosian as an investigator.

The mother of two former Arts Academy students who now attend college, Ms. Cuneo is also the aunt of a current student at the school.

(Term ends October 2016.)

Ms. Janet Napp, Vice-Chair

Janet Napp is an attorney with the Royal Oak-based Flood Lanctot Conner Stablein law firm, where she specializes in criminal defense, civil and appellate practices. Prior to joining the firm, she worked for 23 years with the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office. She has argued 10 cases before the Michigan Supreme Court.

Ms. Napp is the former president of the Wayne County Bar Association and has conducted numerous training seminars for police agencies in Wayne County.

She was admitted to the to the State Bar of Michigan in 1987, and is a member of the bar in the United States District Court at Eastern District of Michigan and the 6th Circuit United States Court of Appeals.

Ms. Napp holds a bachelor’s degree from Oakland University, a master’s in public administration from Oakland University, and received her law degree from the Detroit College of Law.

(Term ends October 2016.)

Mr. Tom Dobbs, Treasurer

After serving as superintendent in Warren Woods Public Schools for sixteen years, Mr. Dobbs retired to become principal of Loyola High School in Detroit, Michigan. He is currently the school’s counselor and athletic director.

(Term ends October 2014.)

Mr. Matt Dreger, Secretary

Matt Dreger is a City Commissioner for the City of Mount Clemens. He is a retired official court reporter who previously worked for the 36th District Court and the Third Judicial Circuit Court of Michigan.

During his career, he was a director and President of the Michigan Association of Professional Court Reporters. Mr. Dreger was elected to the Mount Clemens City Commission in 2005 and re-elected in 2009.

He serves as President of the Board of Trustees of the Anton Art Center in downtown Mount Clemens. He is also an instructor at Macomb Community College, works with the Mount Clemen Coalition for Youth and Families and is a proud member of the Mount Clemens Kiwanis.

(Term ends November 2013.)

Ms. Theo Hummer, Director

(Term ends October 2015.)

Mr. Stephen Couchman, Director

Stephen Couchman is director of marketing for Bloomfield Hills-based Acme Mills Group, where he is in charge of developing a comprehensive marketing and sales strategy for the firm’s industrial textiles business and its subsidiary companies.

He previously operated a marketing and creative consulting firm, and has served as a creative director for companies in the manufacturing, automotive and sports industries.

(Term ends October 2014.)

Mr. William Seikaly, Director

William (Bill) Seikaly is an attorney with the firm of Seikaly & Stewart, PC. Mr. Seikaly graduated from the James Madison College at Michigan State University with a bachelor’s of science degree.

He joined the Teacher Corps program in Indianapolis, Ind., where he trained as an educator, obtained a master’s degree in education (magna cum laude), and taught in the Indianapolis Public Schools. His legal career began as a protégé of Richard M. Goodman, one of the original icons in the area of products liability, medical malpractice and automobile design liability.

He is a volunteer at the Bussey Center for Early Childhood Development was elected and served as a member of the Southfield School Board for 8 years, including a two-year term as president.

(Term ends October 2015.)

Ms. Jessie Hastings, Ex-Officio

Ms. Hastings is one of the co-founders the Arts Academy in the Woods. She teaches technical writing and composition at Macomb Community College, and is a vice president of the Myrtlewood Arts Association in Warren, a non-profit organization that supports arts education and performance.

James Higginbottom, Ex-Officio

Mr. Higginbottom is the co-founder of the Arts Academy in the Woods. He was the director of choirs for Warren Woods Public Schools from 1965-1990. He directed and produced 36 Broadway Musicals during his teaching career. He currently is the manager of the two Warren Woods auditoria, a position he has held since 1970.

Mr. Higginbottom has been an active member of community arts, and has served as a member of the Warren Cultural Commission and the Warren Symphony Board of Trustees. He has conducted both the Don Large Singers and the Macomb College Community Choirs and is the music director at his church.

Board Resolutions

Recent resolutions can be found on the transparency reporting page.

2012-2013 General Fund Budget Revision #1
2012-2013 Lunch Budget
2012-2013 General Fund Budget
2011-2012 General Fund Budget Revision #2
2011-2012 General Fund Budget Revision #1
2011-2012 General Fund Budget
2011-2012 Lunch Budget Revision #1
2011-2012 Lunch Budget
2010-2011 General Fund Budget Revision #2
2010-2011 General Fund Budget Revision #1
2010-2011 Lunch Budget Revision #1
2009-2010 General Fund Budget Resolution
(FY 2009 General Fund Budget Transparency Reporting: Personnel Expenditures)
(FY 2009 General Fund Budget Transparency Reporting: Operating Expenditures)
2008-2009 General Fund Budget Revision #4
2008-2009 Lunch Fund Budget Revision #1
2009-2010 General Fund Projected Budget
2009-2010 Lunch Fund Projected Budget
2008-2009 AAW Lunch Fund Resolution
2008-2009 AAW General Fund Resolution
2007-2008 AAW Lunch Fund Resolution #2
2007-2008 AAW General Fund Resolution #3
2007-2008 AAW General Fund Resolution #2
2007-2008 AAW General Fund Resolution
2007-2008 AAW Lunch Fund Resolution
2006-2007 AAW General Fund Resolution
2006-2007 AAW Lunch Fund Resolution

A big thank you to Jessie Hastings for her service as a part of our board. Jessie is a co-founder of Arts Academy In The Woods.