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If you’re browsing our site because you’ve seen our ads or heard about us, thank you for visiting! AAW is the highest ranked Macomb County High School in the recently released top-to-bottom rankings of Michigan Public Schools.

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Any resident of Michigan is eligible to attend Arts Academy in the Woods tuition free. On the application form, you are asked to prioritize your interests in the Arts Areas and select as many of the five areas as you wish. You will be placed according to your preferences, as space is available. After acceptance and registration, an audition is required for placement into the arts classes, and placement tests will be given for the academic areas.

Each of the Arts Areas will be assigned a maximum number of students that may be enrolled in that discipline. As soon as the maximum number for any discipline has been reached, that area is closed and no further students will be accepted in that area.

There is a series of deadlines for accepting students. When a deadline is reached, and an Arts Area is not filled, students will be accepted into that area of the Academy. If an Arts Area has more applicants than spaces available at the registration deadline, students will be selected by lottery in that area. After that deadline, only the remaining slots will be considered for future students until the next deadline. Students will continue to be accepted after each deadline only for the available spaces.

Application Materials

You can download the required application forms here:

If you are having trouble downloading any of these forms, please email the webmaster and we'll email the file as an attachment. You can also arrange a time to pick them up by calling (586) 294-0391. Return the completed registration form to:

Arts Academy in the Woods
32101 Caroline Street
Fraser, MI 48026